About GPR

Hi there and welcome to Google Page Rankings – where search engine ranking products are our business. A business that we love!

Our business focuses on

    • providing SEO Resellers with cost effective whitelabel and useful SEO products to resell.
    • Business owners who wish to capitalise on our membership programmes to save money or use on on multiple or even single siteThe use of our products provides a cost effective method of getting visibility their website/s

For our Business Owners we work closely to provide a holistic approach to SEO which doesn’t only include offpage SEO. We work closely to provide a great experience of which our clients are in total control of.

Our Team

We are a team of US SEO practitioners who have been doing SEO for a decade. Our team is lead by an globally experienced CEO, who has operated in senior executive roles for two decades.

The team is made up of 48 SEO practioners in various roles from backlink creation to social media specialists.

We are excited about our future, as well as yours – our clients!

Helping our clients to succeed online is the primary objective of this business. We hope to serve you with all of our skills and we look forward to a long term business relationship with you!

We will help you and see you at the Top.

Jenny Scott

CEO GooglePageRankings

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